In 1990 my parents with some friends travel to this magical island, being fascinated with such beautiful landscapes, but back a bit concerned about the lack of this and that together they decide to form the Civil Association Hijos del Sol, to provide children especially helps Intiwawacuna which is a school house responsible for providing food and education to children from 0-6 years of age especially orphans and children of single mothers.


In 2001 founded the organization known as "Alma de Mujer" in order to help people especially the elderly, who are often abandoned by their children who are forced to migrate to the city for lack of work on the island. And also training women in tissue so they can support their families and improve their living conditions.


After a few years in one of my frequent visits to the island, I invited my current partner Grace to know what I call the "island of tranquility", who also fell in love with the island, and so was born the anxiety to want to do something more for this beautiful place.

Thanks to the example of my parents during these 20 years, and the willingness and desire to help, both (Grace and I) young professionals, she Industrial Engineer, and I lawyer, we give up suits and heels to exchange for jeans and slippers, and start what is now our company called Amantani Pueblo.



Amantani Pueblo is a way for the realization a target: to generate economic movement on the island and consequently improve the living conditions of its population.


Ronald Delgado

Amantani Knits S.A.C