Peruvian Alpaca Galeria Suraark
Suri Alpaca

The alpaca (Quechua allpaqa, paqu) is a domestic variety of the four South American camelids, this domestication has been doing for thousands of years.There evidence to suggest the vicuna and the guanaco are wild ancestors of alpacas and lamas.


The Alpaca is an animal that does not exist in the wild, like the lama, is a domesticated species. Some scientists believe that is a breed of Guanaco, others recognize the potential that comes from its own species or derivative of the vicuña.


This animal is valued for its fiber being one of the finest in the world, is elastic, strong, silky and smooth to the touch. Has a high hygroscopicity, allowing it to absorb the humidity from 10% to 15%, without affecting its appearance, another important feature of the alpaca fiber is its ability to maintain body temperature regardless of what happens in the environment


Huacaya Alpaca
Huacaya Alpaca

There are two kinds of Alpaca

SURI. - Alpaca fiber straight, soft, silky, shiny and bright, like the softness of cashmere and luster and sheen similar to silk. The experience of breeders to characterize this race as the superfine quality of the alpaca, being well 
into the world's finest fibers after the Vicuna.


HUACAYA.-fiber of this type of alpaca is soft, opaque, curly, thick and spongy, up 95% of the alpacas in the world because they are resistant to different levels of altitude above sea level.