Our Services


We specialize knitted garment yarn with fibers that are highly valued and recognized throughout the world for its qualities such as Alpaca and Cotton.


Our main goal is to have a recognized brand in the national and foreign market for our design and quality.

Hand Knitted

We have a large number of hand-weavers mainly develop these activities with residents of Amantani Island.

We conduct constant training with expert knitters that help improve the techniques of knitting of our partners.

semi industrial machines.

We develop this kind of knitting in the towns of Puno, Cusco and Lima.

We are in the process of training weavers, for this class of machines and thus soon be able to perform this type of knitting in Amantani Island.

industrial knitting machine

We have industrial machines of the highest technology in different types of gauge such as 5, 7, 9, 12 may well meet the demand of all kinds of knitted fabric from our different types of customers.


Embroidery is an activity that people learn from their parents and transcends generations, families exist today expert embroiderers.


We seek to fully exploit this ability, including it in our fashion garments.